Socialist Amnesia

Socialist amnesia is an exploration of the east Berlin district of Lichtenberg. It is a wandering into the space of die Wende the peaceful revolution of German re-unification. Socialist amnesia begins as an amnesia to annul the place of socialism in the aftermath of the Wende but evolves into an amnesia necessary to produce the new social relations of the twenty-first century. Yet in this process, we come to see how the social condition of amnesia itself acquires revolutionary potential in our age.


Stockists to collect from:


Socialist Amnesia: A Lichtenberg Diary of Interventions
144 pages, 69 colour plates. 148x200mm
Perfect bound paperback

July 2023 Postscript edition
amp press ISBN 9781916895225


Socialist Amnesia has been assembled over time from multiple writings published in prior printed form.
Project development Lichtenberg Diary Lichtenberg Studios December 2019 - January 2020
Draft publications 2021 and 2022
Note: if you have a draft publication and would like the 2023 Postscript edition, please email. A copy will be sent at nominal cost.