Socialist Amnesia

Socialist amnesia is an exploration of the east Berlin district of Lichtenberg. It is a wandering into the space of die Wende the peaceful revolution of German re-unification. Socialist amnesia begins as an amnesia to annul the place of socialism in the aftermath of the Wende but evolves into an amnesia necessary to produce the new social relations of the twenty-first century. Yet in this process, we come to see how the social condition of amnesia itself acquires revolutionary potential in our age.

The Jungle

Calais port July 2011

Jungle: forms of shelter and modes of existence for the undocumented migrant population around Calais and its environs.

tent Xx

Revisiting Archives: Democracy Village

  Parliament Square 02.07.2010


The 20th of July this year marked the tenth anniversary of the eviction of Democracy Village from Parliament Square. The tent occupation of Parliament Square began May Day 2010 and was evicted 20 July 2010. To recall that spell of time, the 81 days, is to reflect on how the world of activism was about to change.

Marsh Commons

Writings about the Hackney Marshes in East London as commentary on the commons land of today, both near and faraway.

Class stories

These are narratives of class in our global digital age. About new relations that need unpacking.


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