amplife: describes a lifeform produced by the modern age but strayed outside it. amplife inhabits multiple realities, partly material, partly virtual.



amplife is about living through ideas about Nature, Technology, Work, Culture, and so on that reign down on us from modernity in mass pre-packaged form; it is about living for change in more dimensions than we want to imagine.


amp/ loosely comes from Marx and ideas about pre-modern and outside-modern but is used via contemporary thinkers towards ideas about life and work in the future.
amp refers to multiple pathways of change, not an unilinear notion of progress.
/life refers to engagement with particular situations and processes.


amplife lives by working in contradictory spaces, in situated displacement. It surfaces occasionally through blogs on this and parallel sites.


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amplife is an exploratory writing space of Siraj Izhar / xyzlondon 2012+