Class stories


These are stories of class in the global digital age.
They are unmodern stories of the class contradictions that run parallel and counter to our globalising age.


The Jungle

Calais port July 2011


Jungle: the multiple forms of shelter and modes of existence for the undocumented migrant population around Calais and its environs.

Marsh Commons

Marsh Commons is a blanket name over the amplife blogs on the subject of the commons. The writings come out of time spent on the Hackney Marshes, its flat openness, its canals and rivers and towpaths. They are a personal engagement with the marshes over the years, watching the effects on it by encroachment of the market, new forms of management, and the wholesale changes around it brought by the Olympics.

Exploring the Commons imaginary

19 – 23 May 2013 
Clapton, the River Lea and the Hackney Marshes

Nye Bevan Commons 1

1. Demolition

For 30 years, from the open spaces of the Hackney Marshes, the west bank of the river Lea was marked by a wall of 5 towers: 70s hi-rise slabs each 20 storeys high.
In the space of 2 years, all but one were gone.

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