amplife: describes a lifeform produced by the modern age but strayed outside it. amplife inhabits multiple realities, partly material, partly virtual.



amplife is about the present and future, escaping the fatalisms by which ideas about Nature, Technology, Work, Culture, and so on reign down on us from modernity in pre-given form. It is about change in more dimensions than we want to imagine; the tools we can use for the new ‘practices of becoming’ and the making of future ecologies.


Calais July 2011


Jungletecture is about the jungle in Calais, the self-made shelters of the undocumented migrants of Calais. Jungletecture alludes to texture and architecture.

London Legacy

London after the 2012 Olympics; the post-Olympic landscape in the making. Communities who live nearby have the experience of seeing it take shape as the security fences peel away and more and more of the Olympic park become accessible to the public. Walkways and bridges to adjoining neighbourhoods open up. Sporting avenues start being used by local school children. Families begin to move into new housing at the former athletes' Village. A promised legacy of the Olympic Games slowly begins to materialise.

Exploring the Commons imaginary


Beyond the Bounds: our neighbourhoods and streets
Rivers and canals: our waterways in the Commons imaginary
The Commons in the shadow of the Olympics
Commons in the community: Community in the commons

19 – 23 May 2013 
Clapton, the River Lea and the Hackney Marshes

Nye Bevan Commons 1

1. Demolition

For 30 years, from the open spaces of the Hackney Marshes, the west bank of the river Lea was marked by a wall of 5 towers: 70s hi-rise slabs each 20 storeys high.
In the space of 2 years, all but one were gone.
A landscape was blown open. What disappeared were not just the icons of high modernity but a vision of society – it marked the end of the post-war modernity of 'Homes for Heroes', the modernity of the brave new world.

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